U8 | 1st & 2nd Grade

Coed & InterClub Play ONLY

At this level, players do not play other towns or clubs, and boys and girls play together on teams. For the 2021 Fall Season, players with birth years of 2014 & 2015 should register at this level.

Training Sessions

  • Season: Begins the weekend before Labor Day Weekend and concludes the third week of October

  • Training Days / Times: Wednesdays at 5:30–6:30pm & Saturdays at 9:00–10:00am
    Evening trainings may extend until 7:00pm.

  • Location: U8 Fields A, B & C @ Fletcher Elementary School (located behind school building)

The first sessions will consist of U8 Coaches evaluating player abilities to generate evenly matched teams. Players will continue to develop their agility; balance and coordination with and without the ball.


U8 players will begin to develop the following:

  • Ball lifting & juggling

  • Basic turns

  • Block tackle

  • Receiving ground balls with the inside & sole of the foot

  • Shooting with inside of the foot

  • Toe pass & shot

  • Throw-ins

  • Eye-foot & eye-hand coordination

  • Field movement education

  • Introduce the push pass

Match Play

  • Match Days: Saturdays at 10:00am
    Kick-off will be at 10:15am.

Matches will have two 15 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time. Referees will be provided. Usually the season consists of 6–7 games with final match paired with 1st v 2nd place, 3rd v 4th place, and 5th v 6th place.