U6 | Kindergarten

Coed & InterClub Play ONLY 

At this level, players do not play other towns or clubs, and boys and girls play together. For the 2023 Fall Season,  players with birth years of 2018 & 2019 or who are currently in Kindergarten should register at this level.

Training Sessions

Players will be broken up into small groups not teams. Various stations will be set up and players will rotate from station to station working on the ABCs (Agility, Balance and Coordination), while continuing to develop the basic skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, running and jumping. The last 15 minutes of the session to be dedicated to the game 2 players verses 2 players (2 v 2)  or 3 v 3 (ideally).

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to participate in training sessions with their players.